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Ukrainian Language Television Company “CAPITAL”

… Team of Leaders of the Civil Society of Ukraine…


    All-Ukrainian public organization, which unites more than 500 public institutions that have given them the right to represent their LEADER-community, which should become a powerful LEGAL VOICE of CIVIL SOCIETY of our country, as the development of a democratic society as a whole. Center for Investigative Journalism aims of civil society in Ukraine

– improving legislation, implementation of ethical standards, protecting the professional rights of members of the “Center for Investigative Journalism” that will lead People’s Tribunal, the Central Council, small, large Glad protection of journalists and protect the rights of everyone that joined us


    THE CENTER OF JOURNALISTIC INVESTIGATIONS is constantly expanding the scope of its activities, as well as the level of tasks. With such a rapid development, our organization invariably remains based on the fundamental postulates of its activities: independence, openness, democracy, equality of members and so on.

The work of the NGO “CENTER OF JOURNALISTIC INVESTIGATIONS” is based on personal initiative and interest of its members. In a short time we managed to UNITE and become the most dynamic and most active public organization of like-minded people, which defends the rights and freedoms of the INDEPENDENT UKRAINIAN STATE OF UKRAINE – the rights of the UKRAINIAN country activities are aimed at legally depriving the monopoly of power of the oligarchs, who are completely destroying the economy, culture, science and heritage of the Ukrainian people.

Our members:

    Currently, the members of the “CENTER OF JOURNALISTIC INVESTIGATIONS” are 55 GSU LEADERS from all regions of our country, including: lawyers, notaries, lawyers, former judges, prosecutors, investigators – law enforcement officers and recognized scientists who are delegated at least 10 public institutions (which are collective members of the “CENTER OF JOURNALISTIC INVESTIGATIONS) Plus -student wing, which has another 17 (FORWARD) future lawyers and 23 future journalists –FIGHTERS FOR A FREE UKRAINE !!! FOR THE RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS OF THE UKRAINIAN PEOPLE !!!

Priority areas of work:

    Uniting all representatives of the journalistic and legal profession into one powerful legal community-TEAM OF GSU LEADERS in order to fulfill the set goals and objectives that arose before the society EDUCATIONAL WORK AMONG THE POPULATION in order to protect the rights and freedoms of every citizen in UKRAINE and UKRAINE…

– Promoting not fake but real reform of journalistic legal education and development of wrist potential in accordance with the best standards and requirements of today and protection of developments and achievements of OUR SCIENTISTS in the interests of Ukraine;

– Building effective relations DEFINITIONS of state bodies with civil society so that every citizen of Ukraine understands and knows for sure in which direction Ukraine is elected by the direct democracy of the Ukrainian people – what PRIORITIES DOES IT CHOOSE AND WHY?

– to prosecute high-ranking government officials who committed crime against INDEPENDENT STATES UKRAINE UKRAINIAN AND UKRAINIAN PEOPLE by popular tribunals and the International Criminal Court of The Hague.

– Participation in the legislative process and development of proposals to improve existing legislation; – Development and intensification of the activities of the branches “CENTER OF JOURNALISTIC INVESTIGATIONS” in the regions;

– Development of international cooperation with journalistic free circles and legal organizations of the world, holding field conferences and meetings;

– Protection of professional rights of members of the “CENTER OF JOURNALISTIC INVESTIGATIONS” and monitoring of human rights in Ukraine;

– more specific and detailed weekly information regarding us and our actions outlined in newspapers – KOMANDY FREE UKRAINIAN LEADERS GUS “Nedilko Capital” as well as general and detailed information in the Charter of Citizen UNITY “Center for Investigative Journalism COMBATING raiding and corruption in government and law enforcement agencies . IN THE SECTION “PURPOSE AND DIRECTIONS OF ACTIVITY”

International relations:

    NGO “CENTER OF JOURNALISTIC INVESTIGATIONS” is the founder of the UKRAINIAN LANGUAGE TELEVISION COMPANY “CAPITAL”, which in turn is directly related to the American media company “USAIN MEDIA CORPORATION”. Africa and Asia…


    NGO “CENTER OF JOURNALISTIC INVESTIGATIONS” welcomes all like-minded people and invites you to join our organization to implement the plans together. We hope that our principles and objectives correspond to your idea of ​​the future of the Ukrainian nation … waiting minded patriots -POMIRKOVANYH Ukraine -For WHO COMES NOT slogan PARTY PROGRAM TO REGULAR ELECTION PARTIES oligarchs … we need you and your support no matter WHAT TO PROFESSION you belong … ARE YOU A STUDENT OR A PENSIONER… TOGETHER WE WILL BE ABLE TO BEAT THE “BATHS” .. WE DO NOT CALL TO THE MAIDANS BECAUSE WE KNOW WHO ORGANIZES THEM AND FOR WHOM !!! RADICAL BUT WE NALASHTOVATI … Our radicalism in the legal field … .we for freedom of speech, social equality and the right to fair trial … for … of the European standard of living wages, pensions, banking system KREKDYTUVANNYA BUSINESS AND HOUSING.


Ukraine О3О4О Kyiv Holosiivskyi Avenue 87, +38 О44-257-77-3О